Outer Range, a new western that's getting people talking

The time is not so much for western. And yet, the genre is not dead! far from it. As a proof some recent releases on Netflix, but also Outer Range, even more recently, on Amazon Prime Video.

Released on April 15, the film passed under the radar before finding the interest of the public and rising in power. Immediate departure for the great American expanses in which the action takes place.

And more precisely in Wyoming. That's where Royal Abbott lives. He is a farmer who owns some land and struggles to live. On the edge of his land, a strange black hole appears. He doesn't know what it is. However, he has the impression that the stranger, a vagrant named Autumn, who recently arrived in town, is involved in this phenomenon. What's more, his neighbor, who is looking to buy his land, seems to know more about it than he lets on.

Sorting out the real from the fake is what this series and this first season of Outer Range is all about. Currently, it has 8 episodes, 2 of which are broadcasted every week. The last ones have just been published, lifting (or not) a part of the mystery. With possibly a season 2 to be scheduled.

The cast includes Lili Taylor (from Six Feet Under) and Josh Brolin (known for his role as Thanos in Avengers).

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