Panic, a new series for more suspense


Panic is a new series from Amazon Prime Video that was a hit when it was released. Thanks to a very good management of all the codes necessary for its success.

In this single season series of 10 episodes, young people compete against each other to the death in an event. They are chosen according to their age. Only the oldest can participate in a very lucrative illegal game. In Battle Royale mode since they start at 47 and only one will remain at the end. A test supervised by judges who confront them with their greatest fears. Does this remind you of anything? Yes, probably the Hunger Games saga.

The pitch is not unlike other films as well. It echoes the latest Netflix fantasy series, Shadow and Bone. The two share many similarities.

Like many series today, this one is also based on literary works. The target audience is young adults and teenagers. However, the version targets a wider audience by allowing everyone to recognize themselves in one or another character.

However, despite the enthusiasm of subscribers for this new series, Amazon Prime Video is keeping quiet about a possible second season. We must admit that 10 episodes is short... But it seems to have become the rule! However, the platform is not yet like its competitor to announce renewals in turn. All we know for now comes from the creator of the series. If a season 2 is indeed produced, it will be qualitative and will be able to explore issues that have not yet been addressed.

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