What happens to The Expanse on Prime Video?

the expanse

Several years ago now, Netflix invested in sci-fi with several series. It had also done the same with comic book heroes by creating a universe for them: DareDevil, Jessica Jone, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Among the sci-fi series, The Expanse was a spearhead... Until it was cancelled.

The series continues and will soon reach its conclusion at the end of 2021

And that's where the whole story begins. After the cancellation of the series, fans turned heaven and earth for the series to be extended. But we know Netflix, they stop after a few seasons. And then, reversal of fortune, Amazon buys the series to the SVOD group to make it an exclusive Prime Video. If we thought it was a buzz, it wasn't. Amazon has produced several seasons since then, since the series is now in season 5, which went online late last year.

A destiny of series that is not without reminding that of Lucifer, which should return to us by the summer for the second part of the season so expected. As a reminder, it was also cancelled before being bought by Netflix, this time, to the delight of fans!

For 2021, Amazon also announces a 6ème season, currently being filmed. However, this will be the last season for the series, which should therefore come to an end by the end of 2021. For the absolute fans, it is possible to continue to enjoy other adventures, literary this time. Because the book series on which the series is based is at the 9ème tome!

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