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Resident Evil 

It's not easy to resurrect a saga with a simple wave of the magic wand... Yet, Netflix has set itself the goal of breathing new life into the franchise Resident Evil. Maybe to surf on the numerous video game releases these last months.

Indeed, the studio that owns the license tries to release one, or even two, titles every year to keep the fanbase active. So why wouldn't they watch a series in the same universe?

Is the series really worth it?

That's probably what prompted Netflix to commission a series that takes some of the basics from the film sequel.

No: the series is not a direct sequel, but offers an alternative to the original events. Years after an apocalypse that killed many people, Jade Wesker is on a mission to make those responsible pay. Wesker means the Umbrella Corporation, and therefore (hazardous) experiments galore! As well as a world controlled in part by the company, like New Raccoon City.

In the end, did the fans and subscribers hang on, or is this series better off forgotten?

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