Resident. Evil. On Netflix

Resident Evil

Netflix has never been afraid to take on movie legends. We've had the Marvels in the past, From actors bankables did not hesitate to take the plunge. Risky bet? Not so much anymore. So, we don't doubt that Resident Evil will be a big hit and will enter directly the top 10 of the most viewed titles!

We've been hearing about this series for quite some time now, but it's been slow to arrive. However, it is not the only one to have a longer gestation than expected, with for example Arcane which is in the same case.

We all remember, or not, the films of the saga. The first one, when Alice enters the Hive and meets the red queen or when she fights Wesker in the desert, on a ship or the Nemesis... We will admit that from film to film, it became more and more nonsense.

As a result, the series will draw a line on the films and propose something completely new. Why not!

So we find ourselves in a London in 2036. This jump in time creates a real break with the timeline of the first films. But we will find the traces of the Umbrella Corporation which, obviously, made disasters in the "new" city of New Raccoon City. Bonus: the heroine seems to be Wesker's daughter, Jade Wesker.

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Post-apocalyptic autopsy of this first season from July 14, 2022.