Riverdale season 5 part 2 arrives

riverdale season5 part 2

We are waiting only for her, the part 2 of the season 5 of Riverdale. The CW series (as for the 100), has already made us wait for a long time since the first episodes are already available since the 1st of September.er April of this year... We have to keep the audience in suspense, and cutting the seasons in 2 parts is a technique like any other.

So, we will be able to go back to Riverdale, this small American town, as soon as August 12. Archie, Betty and the others are waiting for us to discover the dark side of the town.

Upcoming developments in Riverdale season 5

The series is currently airing on the channel that produces it, at the rate of one episode per week. For this reason, Netflix had to stop the broadcast for a few weeks, the time for the channel to broadcast the rest of the episodes. So it will not be a preview and we already know what will happen in the different episodes ... At least on English-speaking sites, because the series remains unpublished on this side of the ocean. So we only have to wait a few hours before we can meet everyone again and finally discover the keys of some mysteries.

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