An anthology robbery, what to think of it?

anthology robbery

The day of the national holiday, Netflix released a documentary series of which it has the secret. It deals with the theme of the most famous heists. It is of course not a first, but it is typically the kind of series we like to watch for entertainment.

What is it about?

It's about ordinary people who tried to steal extraordinary things. For one reason or another, these people decide to act and commit a crime. Stealing, but not killing, unlike the Snake.

Thus, we find a 21-year-old woman who decides to steal millions of dollars from a casino. Or this man who is suspected of robbing a bourbon distillery and stealing the precious liquid. Either way, the heists were spectacular and the perpetrators managed to elude the police.

What do we think?

This series hints at a possible season 2. This will be decided mainly by the reception of the public, but in itself, it is not difficult to make since it consists mainly of reenactments and interviews.

The first season has 6 episodes and gathers 3 stories (the casino robbery in Las Vegas, an airline embezzlement and a distillery heist). Each case has two episodes.

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The thread of the story is well respected and the spectator is entitled to his dose of suspense, skilfully arranged by the editing. Between the twists and turns and the sometimes unexpected outcome, we want to know the end.

The only drawback, for us French, is that these robberies, as mediatized as they are, are only mediatized on the other side of the Atlantic... As a result, we are plunged into stories that we have never heard of...