Sandman, the next comic book series

the sandman

For those who don't know, Sandman is a character from a comic book imagined by Neil Gaman. After many other characters, this one is also (finally) adapted to the small screen.

Sandman is a character from the DC Comics universe. The work is quite different from other works, such as Flash, Supergirl, etc.. Indeed, it features the Eternals and each character does not necessarily need the presence of others to evolve. The Eternals are a group of personified human concepts, an additional difference with the other superheroes. They include Dream, Death, Despair, etc. Among the protagonists they meet, we can mention Lucifer Morningstar or John Constantine, characters much more ambiguous than in the other comics.

This gives this work a less Manichean aspect, less black and white, and gives more depth to the protagonists. We could even find, in this new series, an aspect already approached in Daredevil several years ago, where the action also went through the introspection of the hero.

For the time being, Netflix has already revealed that the series will indeed take place and that it will indeed hit the screens. This is evidenced by an interesting trailer that reflects the dreamlike nature of the series. Yes, we are talking about dreamlike since Sandman is the equivalent of our sandman, the Master of Dreams. Omnipotent, he doesn't use his power for his own projects, but that doesn't prevent him from having committed faults. And of course he wants to redeem them... In the cast, there will be Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Chritie or Charles Dance.

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However, Netflix, even if a trailer is available, did not give an exact release date. We will have to be satisfied with a "soon" that will allow us to deepen this universe of the DC Comics.