Is season 10 of The Walking Dead available on Netflix?

The Walking Dead available on netflix

With eleven seasons under its belt, The Walking Dead has become a must-see for many people. Set against the backdrop of survivalism following an apocalypse, the characters of the show are doing their best to survive.

What is the story?

The Walking Dead's story is far too long to tell. With the number of seasons and therefore episodes, there have been quite a few story arcs. Not to mention the subplots and characters that have developed throughout the story.

But season 10 picks up a few months after the end of season 9. We remember, there was a difficult winter that had tested the community. Especially since the Whisperers had not left any respite...

But they seem to have disappeared. No trace or sign of them for weeks. This makes some of the groups very eager to reoccupy their territory. In any case, despite the reluctance of some, they have to go to the territory of the Whisperers to put out a fire.

And it is not for all that that the hordes disappeared in this tenth season... They are always very present and are attracted as soon as there is the least noise.

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So Oceanside's defense is still the number one priority. It is also still as complicated as ever to implement.

Of course, the whole season will follow a pattern. The old enemies have not yet disappeared. A spy has infiltrated the camp on behalf of the Whisperers. Tensions are still high among the survivors. And life is still difficult for everyone, because they have to feed themselves, live, etc. far from what they knew years ago. It's already been twelve years since the apocalypse took place and the dead are walking...

The season has a total of 22 episodes, with multiple twists. The suspense is still there, despite the years.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead, available on Netflix?

Netflix sniffs out the good stuff more surely than any other platform. So it makes sense to find The Walking Dead series on the platform in question. Season 10, produced in 2019-2020 by AMC, is also in the catalog. However, we will have to wait a little longer for season 11, which is not yet available in June 2022.

For the smart ones who also have an account on Disney+, the series is also available there. This time with season 11 as a bonus! Otherwise, there are also alternatives like Army of the Dead.


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