Season 3 of Love, Death, Robots

love death robots

Completely crazy series, Love, Death & Robots has been renewed once again. The new season will be released on Netflix in May 2022, the 20th to be exact.

Very awaited, it will offer a continuation to the episodes that we have already seen. We also hope that they will be of the same quality (and we don't doubt it!).

Still in the same vein, the animated series offers us tales a little bloody, and quite dark, according to the official synopsis of Netflix.

As you don't change a recipe that works, the new episodes should be in the same vein. They will be independent from each other, produced by different teams, but have the same scope. And always for adults, the level not being adapted to children.

The only drawback is that these episodes are, for our taste, too short: only 20 minutes.

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