Sex Education, a season 3 that was long awaited, but does not displease

Sex Education 3

The season 3 We remember it (or not), Maeve and Otis had revealed their feelings. But of misunderstanding in disastrous situation, they had missed again.

In this season 3, what strikes immediately is the evolution of the characters. Indeed, they have matured. They grow up and the archetypes disappear. It is true that some characters sometimes seemed too caricatural. In season 3, this feeling fades and gives way to more complete characters. On the other hand, Otis and Maeve, who were the two main protagonists, also fade away a bit to leave room for their companions.

We also appreciate the arrival of a new director of the school. Principal Groff had been fired at the end of season 2. At first sweet and kind to the students, she quickly reveals her true nature, far from what the young people expect ... We appreciate that the producers have not abandoned the character of Groff for all that. Depicted as cold and authoritarian until now, he is offered a touching vulnerability that humanizes him.

Young Otis and his gang return in a third season of Sex Education

But in front of all this, what always makes us want to watch the series is the duo between Otis and Eric. The best duo. The one that always offers joy and good humor. Never lasts long with their quarrels. And it is, anyway, always to better find themselves.

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We could ask ourselves the question of a season 4 for Sex Education. But it's a bit early to take a position on this subject. Especially since Netflix often abandons its series after 2 or 3 seasons.