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Sex Life notice

The series, which has been available on Netflix since June 25, has not failed to strike a chord with subscribers. And it is particularly the shower scene that people remember; a scene about which, a few articles have been written. The Netflix original series follows the story of Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi). She is trapped in a love triangle. On one side, her husband (Mike Vogel) she loves, and on the other side, her ex for whom she still has a crush. It must be said that he has a body of Apollo to make crack more than one girl.

A situation that will upset her, but also at the origin of many misunderstandings, which will advance the story over the episodes. There is a total of 8 episodes currently. The producer has already announced that new episodes will start shooting soon. And the situation of Billie Connelly will not get better, the choices she will have to make is even more complicated. With the announcement of Netflix to extend for a second season, what is the current feeling of the viewers?

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