Shadow and Bone: the Grisha Saga, what to think?

shadow and bone

Since last Friday, a new series is available on Netflix, namely Shadow and Bone. And it did not take long for it to rise to the top of the few most watched programs on the platform. This dazzling success is not unlike that of some other programs such as Lupin, the Lady's Game, etc.. But is it really worth it?

What is it about?

The series is none other than a screen adaptation of books. Those of Grisha (for this one) and Six of Crows written by Leigh Bardugo. We explore an imaginary kingdom, that of Ravka. It looks like the Russian empire of the tsars. The country is crossed by the Ford, an evil darkness. Few are those who return after having crossed them.

The heroine is Alina, an army cartographer, who ventures into the darkness and obtains powers. She thus becomes a Grisha, a mage of this universe.

What we think

If Netflix is to be believed, its latest nugget is capable of competing with the platform's big hits, such as La casa de papel and The Witcher. On the other side of the Atlantic, the specialized press is also a big fan of the series, comparing it with the big names of recent decades, such as Harry PotterGame of Thrones or the world of Narnia. By making such comparisons, one could believe that the series is really a must-see. However, after 1 week of existence, it is difficult to form an opinion of this type.

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Nevertheless, the universe built is coherent. What's more, there is a real way to explore several stories and create popular excitement. Still, Netflix must have this desire, which the firm has not always been willing to concretize.