Shaman King comes to Netflix

shaman king

After Naruto and Detective ConanIt is around another reference of manga to get a place in the catalog of Netflix. And more precisely, it is here the fourth part of the series that interests us particularly. A final part that will allow to close the series in beauty for all fans of Japanese anime.

In total, the series should have 52 episodes spread over 4 seasons. Until now, the first 3 seasons have been released, each one with 13 episodes. So this last part will also have 13 episodes and will bring Takei's shonen manga to its end.

For these last episodes, we have no doubt that the success will be there, as well as the quality. Indeed, the first episodes have been acclaimed with a general satisfaction from the spectators. It is therefore unlikely that the series will disappoint for the last salvo... Especially since it is still based on the original mangas released in the 2000s.

Finally, for those who have not read, nor had the opportunity to read, the mangas, it will be the occasion to discover if Yoh Asakura will finally become the king of the shamans! Or if there will be some twists in the last episodes. The suspense is there!

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