Snabba Cash season 2, it's for September

Snabba Cash season 2

We don't talk about it much, but Scandinavian cinema is capable of doing great things. The Swedes of Snabba Cash have managed to land their ticket for a second season and Netflix is sharing this with the world.

The new episodes are scheduled to launch on September 22. The timing is good and will give the series a chance to reach its audience after the big releases at the beginning of the month and just before the launch of other big franchises later in the month.

In this second season, we find all the characters from the first one a year later. Leya has managed to get out of her old life and has distanced herself from her former "friends." She is now one of the leading figures of the young Swedish start-ups. But not all bridges are broken. She ends up finding, in spite of herself, Ravy, Nala and Osman. The three friends want to make some easy money.

It's a good thing the mafia is short of drug dealers, and for them, it's the perfect opportunity. All this while Jamal tries to divert the young people of his school from these problems and to limit the impact of the austerity policy carried out by his school. All this against a backdrop of rivalry between Ravy and Zaki, a new adversary and heavy-handed policing.

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