Snowpiercer season 3 : the opinion of the internet users

snowpiercer 3

The last episode of the third season of Snowpiercer has just been released. It's time to find out what the internet users thought of the latest adventures of Snowpiercer.

We remember the end of the season 2In the end, Wilford took back the control of his train and left the engineer Cavill to his fate. We wondered then if the show could do without this character. We quickly realized, through the episodes, that the show was still counting on her by making her come back regularly by flashbacks. Will she definitely come back ? No spoilers.

And then there was that train splitting when Andre Layton stole the eternal engine to pursue the quest for global warming. All this left a lot of mystery and foreshadowed new twists and turns.

Well yes, the 10 episodes of season 3 have kept their promises in terms of twists. But we have to admit that with a season 4 planned, season 3 can only end in a cliffhanger... Here are the opinions of those who already made it this far:

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