Snowpiercer season 3, what do we know?

snowpiercer season 3

Snowpiercer has managed to create a small phenomenon since last year among subscribers; not as popular as other ongoing sagas, the series has still managed to create a loyal fan base. Netflix has understood this since it ordered a season 2, and then a season 3 more recently.

Because yes, the season 3 must be released on the streaming platform by the end of the year, because the order is well and truly placed. Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it had ordered a third season of Snowcap. However, unlike season 2, it will take a little longer to land on the screens. Why? Simply because the shooting has just begun and all the post-production is still to be done. Contrary to season 2, this last one was not shot in the wake of the release.

Season 3 should bring new twists and turns

The production has, moreover, dropped some info about what would potentially happen during this third season. The use of the conditional is of course mandatory.

Remember that the engineer sacrificed himself to save the data of the weather station. We can hope that some places on the planet will warm up a bit... This will create a new setting for new adventures. But if the snow has to melt, don't we risk floods too?

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Another question is whether Layton will be able to catch up with Big Alice and Wilford.

Finally, a new face will appear. That of Archie Panjabi, already seen in The Good Wife. It should be a piece of the chessboard that would link the different events.