Squid Game : the opinion of the internet users

squid game

We didn't expect it, but it was a hit! It is of course the hit series of the moment, Squid Game. The Korean series landed timidly on Netflix, but quickly imposed itself as the series to watch. A bit like The Bridgerton Chronicles, which made a place in the sun between two event releases of the platform.

Squid Game is a competition between different people. All of them are attracted by the lure of winning, the sum that will be offered to the big winner. But the tests to get there are deadly. Literally.

For the connoisseurs, the series will be reminiscent of the selection that took place in 3 %, where the 3 % were the chosen ones in the mass. But the touch is definitely more gory in this case. Which launches us on another movie memory: Battle Royale. Before it was a style of video game, it was a movie, where 20 problematic students were fighting for survival.

What is certain is that the series seems officially adopted with unanimous opinions about it:


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