Station 19, the spin-off of Grey's Anatomy

station 19

Grey's Anatomy beats records of longevity with seasons that follow each other over the years. Moreover, it has almost become a real universe since it has developed spin-offs. The first of them is Private Practive. The second, Station 19.

Good operation for Prime Video which managed to negotiate the broadcasting rights for the first seasons via its SVOD platform.

Station 19, or rather Firehouse 19, decides to pick up the story where it left off for Ben Warren in episode 13 of season 14. The former intern has become a firefighter in a Seattle firehouse. Of course, doctors are needed to treat the injured. Whether it's fires, car accidents, or just because someone needs help.

If the fire station changes a lot from the hospital, we should not believe that the recipe for success has changed. We remain with characters to whom we are attached and with whom we recognize ourselves. There is a professional part and an intimate part that explores the different characters and their interactions. Finally, of course, it takes drama to get you hooked.

But what is very different from hospital corridors and operating rooms is the action in this series. A fact that was not found in Private Practice either. In fact, the series is infinitely less medical and is still very much in the genre. Fortunately, it is a spin-off to be sure. As a result, it is much closer to the action genre and to series like Chicago Fire. Oh surprise, the lead is also a former doc here, a colleague of the famous Doctor House.

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