Supergirl, season 5 arrives on Netflix

supergirl season 5

It is not only Flash which returns this month. Supergirl is also coming back with a fifth season that is highly anticipated by the community. Another character from the Arrow universe, Supergirl convinced from the start and got her own series set in National City.

Season 5 is composed of 19 episodes. We find of course Kara Danvers alias Supergirl as well as her sister Alex. J'onn J'onzz, Brainiac, and James Olsen are also part to support our favorite superheroine. Even if James Olsen leaves the season from the 4thème episode. We won't say more to avoid spoiling anything...

For those who don't remember the end of season 4, here is a brief recap. Kara had become very close to Lena Luthor, the sister of the notorious criminal Lex Luthor. A closeness that had not played in Kara's choice to reveal her identity. Or rather not to reveal it. For Kara, it was a way to protect herself and Lena. But would she see it the same way the day she found out? Nothing is less sure. And it is precisely at the very end of season 4 that Lex had decided to reveal the true nature of Kara Danvers to his sister Lena! We will discover very quickly her reaction...

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While this personal dilemma overwhelms her, Kara Danvers also sees changes in her job as Catco has been bought out and the new owner (Lena Luthor, still her) plans to make some changes.

Supergirl will be busy fighting against Leviathan, a secret criminal organization.