Sweet Tooth, the post-apocalypse hybrids

sweet tooth

A week ago, Netflix unveiled its new sci-fi oriented series called Sweet Tooth, which features a half-human, half-erf boy in a post-apocalyptic world, a la Tribes of Europa. A mixture that is very addictive!

Contrary to what one might think, the series is not intended for a young audience, it is even not recommended before 13 years old. But that won't stop many younger children from trying the first episode.

We discover a little boy who is quite human, except that he has deer antlers. He is a hybrid. A kind of cross between two species, as it exists since the Great Collapse. A pivotal event between our reality and this dystopian future. This little boy has lived 10 years, hidden in the countryside with his father. But he wants to discover the world and will leave his home. He will, against all odds, meet a marginal who will accompany him in his adventures.

Between the countryside that resembles the Wild West with its poachers looking for hybrids and the cities ruled with an iron fist by the armed militia of the Last Men, there are plenty of twists and turns!

The series has had its ups and downs. First ordered by Hulu as an adaptation of the eponymous comic book, Netflix then bought it before suspending the shooting due to pandemic.

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If the series does not revolutionize the genre, the approach of the theme via a child, who also discovers the concept of difference and all that it implies, appears interesting. It is not without reminding Lost in space.

According to the first reviews, the series is a success. However, Netflix has not communicated on this nor announced a season 2 for the moment.