The 100, last season (or not)

the 100 season 7

The 100 is the typical example of a series that Netflix has managed to negotiate and that is a hit with subscribers. The series has been produced by The CW for 7 seasons and is coming to an end with the episodes that will be released from 1er April 2021. Episodes that will allow the series to reach precisely 100 episodes.

Last lap for The 100, which will bow out at the end of season 7 (credit: The CW)

For those who do not know it, it is a series rather for teenagers. It features a group of young people fighting for survival in a hostile environment. It must be said that after spending decades in space waiting for the Earth to purify itself, it is no longer as pleasant. Barbarians and other creatures haunting the woods will give them no quarter. But as the seasons went by, we saw a certain breathlessness of the series. Repetitive plots, arcs too short and not well enough built, digressions without answers, etc. So, with this 7ème season, we feel that it is time to have the denouement of this series. Especially since these last two seasons take place on an exoplanet colonized by former astronauts before the apocalypse on Earth.

Finished for good? Not quite (and no spoiler, we haven't seen it yet). Because The CW has already announced that it would produce a spin-off of The 100 franchise. It would be a kind of prequel. It would explore the life of the ancestors of Bellamy and Clarke, the two heroes of the series. A way for the network to capitalize on the success of the series and give it a second wind!

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