The 39 Steps, the next Netflix mini-series


For those who are not familiar with the novel The 39 Steps, it is a work of fiction written in 1915. Written by John Buchan, it is a spy novel. In the middle of the First World War, it must be said that the subject is hot. The story takes place precisely before this armed conflict. Richard Hannay is a mining engineer. He discovers a dead body in his living room and starts to want to solve the case. From clue to enigma, he ends up discovering a plot to start an open conflict. He himself is only a pawn in it. The title is taken from the code name of this plan: the 39 steps. In French, les 39 marches.

The 39 steps, the next mini-series

This is not the first time the work has been adapted. Hitchcock had already done it in 1935. A game based on the story also exists on Netflix.

In this mini-series, we will find Benedict Cumberbatch in the skin of the hero. We have already seen the actor in Dr. Strange, etc.. He will have to make his return in the MCU this year as well with several films expected. In the series dedicated to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and in Spider-Man: No Way Home where he will come to support Spider-Man. He will also be seen in the film Guilty where he will play opposite Jodie Foster and Tahar Rahim, recently seen in The Snake.

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In the meantime, this mini-series is in the same line as the Game of the Lady in terms of format and should have a nice success. Especially since the actor has already worked with director Edward Berger on another mini-series, Patrick Melrose.