The Baby-sitters, a second season is available


The Baby-sitters are an American series aimed at children / pre-teens. They are adapted from the novel by Ann Martin and Netflix has just released the second season, ordered in late 2020.

The scenario is within the reach of the youngest and remains understandable in its development. No special gadgets, no special effects, no plot twists. The action is very linear with an intro, followed by a problem, then a method to solve it. The denouement puts everything back in its place, for a happy ending.

It is about 5 friends who decide to create a baby-sitting club. They have their own HQ where they receive calls for babysitting, each taking turns. They are friends, but this does not prevent them from sometimes having differences of opinion. They have to figure out how to reconcile. Sometimes, problems at school or during babysitting will push them to team up to overcome the pitfalls.

Currently the episodes are 18, spread over two seasons. As for the actresses, they are not yet known for other productions, although Xochitl Gomez has abandoned this project to devote himself to Doctor Strange and the Multiverse.

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