The Bold Type, ending soon

The Bold Type

"Of those who dare" is a series that can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. The platform bought the broadcast rights from Freeform. It is not completely unknown, since those who have Amazon Prime Video for some time will remember that it was available there since 2018-2019. But also on Netflix in some countries!

In this series, we follow three women who are linked by their careers, their loves and their friendship. They all work for a women's magazine, the Scarlet. It is not without reminding films like The Devil Wears Prada. It reveals, indeed, the backstage of a ruthless world where the rule is to eat to not be eaten. This is what Kat and Jane have succeeded in doing, since they now hold positions of responsibility (community manager and editor). Sutton, on the other hand, is trying to get a job in the fashion department. As good friends, they will help each other to pass the obstacles and evolve professionally, and personally too.

The Bold Type returns soon for 6 final episodes

Currently, the first 4 seasons are available on Netflix. Those who are up to date on Netflix are therefore also up to date with the series and are not likely to suffer from any spoilers. Season 5 is scheduled to start on May 26. And this season 5 will be the last of the series as announced by the producers. At the end of the 6 episodes, we should know all the denouements and hope for a happy end (normally) for our 3 heroines. 6 episodes, it is not much, because the previous seasons counted 18 episodes. Probably the stop linked to the pandemic, as many seriesThis is also the reason for the disappearance of two episodes in season 4.

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