The cook of Castamar, unexpected and interesting

the cook of castamar

In a style quite reminiscent of the Brigerton Chronicles, The Cook of Castamar has found its audience. In particular, those who like period costumes, love stories and also somewhat sulphurous scenes.

It is not an original series, but the adaptation of a novel of the same name published in 2019 by Fernando J Munez. Adapted, so not quite faithful.

The story follows the relationship between the Duke Diego de Castamar and his cook. The duke, one suspects, is rich and powerful. But also unhappy since he has just lost his wife... On the other side, we have the cook, Clara Belmonte, who lives in the kitchens, is a little agoraphobic, but is attractive. A relationship develops between the two. But as one suspects, it is not so well seen by the artistocracy. The cook is then the plaything of the powerful (in this case the king Philippe V and the marquis of Soto) who use her to dictate his conduct to the duke...

Clearly, the series is a good surprise and offers a breath of fresh air to all those who are waiting for the next important releases. One thinks of Sex Education 3, Sky Rojo 2the Casa de Papel and others. And it's nice to see that Netflix can still reinvent itself next to the big engines that make it successful.

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That said, unlike the Bridgerton Chronicles to which this series is compared, it relies on a stronger cast with actors who already have a long filmography.

Finally, it should be noted that no sequel is planned yet. But Netflix could make an announcement if the numbers start to speak in favor of a season 2!