Is the Elite series available on Netflix?

elite available netflix

Elite is the Spanish series that is a sensation among young people. Sure, there's Casa de Papel, but Elite is a whole other world... Ruthless. And although it's not Dallas, the number of deaths among the young people attending Las Encinas high school is enough to make many people shy away from enrolling in this prestigious school.

What is the story?

EliteThis is the story of three young high school students. Their school collapses due to work done by a crooked contractor. As a result, the 3 students are admitted in a prestigious high school. The famous Las Encinas. They benefit from a scholarship to follow the courses, because the school is far from being free. Indeed, it is especially intended for a social elite, hence the title. There are only rich kids. The parents are politicians, businessmen, even royalty.

And yet, even if the environment turns out to be very muffled, the three young people will discover the other side of the coin. It is not because one is rich that life is less cruel. It's even more cruel here and they feel like they've fallen into the lion's den!

The first two seasons revolve around one murder. The next two revolve around a second one and the fifth one, which was released not long ago, repeats the same pattern. Each time, the season is divided between the search for the murderer and teenagers' stories.

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The three young heroes are Samuel, Omar and Nadia.

Samuel is really the central pillar, the one around whom the whole story revolves. He is Spanish, but his two friends are from the immigrant community. A theme that will reappear often during the episodes and the acceptance of others. And not only about immigration, because it is also a lot about homosexuality.

In short, the series is a cocktail of sex, youth and dark stories. What to interest a lot of young people. And it is also what makes that the series is so appreciated by a public of young adults.

The series received a big boost at its release thanks to the appearance of two actors known via Casa de Papel. In this case, it is Miguel Herran and Jaime Lorente, otherwise known as Rio and Denver. They disappear in the following seasons, but they were a real asset to launch the series whose casting was not known.

In the following seasonsThe cast has been enriched with new faces, often actors with a double hat in real life, as a singer (Pol Granch) or model (Valentina Zenere)

The Elite series, available on Netflix?

Yes, obviously. The Elite series has been available on Netflix since 2018. And for a very simple reason: the series is produced by the streaming platform with the red N. In other words, only on Netflix is it available to watch. It's an exclusive.

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We must admit that Netflix has hit the bull's eye with this series and reaps the laurels every year.

It will be necessary to hang on to see another platform manage to snatch the broadcasting rights. But everything is possible since it was the case with Lucifer, The Expanse and more recently the Marvel produced and directed by Netflix!