The lady's game : the opinion of the internet users

the game of the lady

Released on October 23 on Netflix, The Queen Gambit didn't take long to win over series aficionados. The six-episode series follows the journey of an orphan girl discovering chess until she becomes a chess master in her 20s.

The heroine Beth is played by Anna Taylor-Joy (Mad Max Wasteland, Split,...). A true chess genius, who teaches the audience a few tricks along the way, she trains and gradually goes through all the stages to become a chess grandmaster.

The series cleverly mixes the personal dramas of the heroine (abandonment, addiction, etc.) with the society of the 60s (black movement, feminism, cold war, etc.). It even manages to make chess attractive, which was far from being a winning bet.

The story arc ends with the season, leaving little chance of a second season being announced. The main actors, including Anna Taylor-Joy, did not even hint at a second season. This is not justified by the construction of the scenario. However, we know Netflix and the platform is just as capable of abandoning the series as renewing it to the surprise of all; especially if it was appreciated by the public as shown by the many tweets :

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