The Gloaming, an Australian black series

the gloaming

The Brothers Grimm was stopped. Other series in the same genre have suffered the same fate. So the slot was open for a newcomer. While waiting for the Fear Street on Netflix, which is an adaptation of R. L. Stine's novels, The Gloaming seems a good alternative.

As you can guess from the intro, this is a police series with supernatural overtones. The series doesn't hide this fact since this tendency is perceptible from the first minutes of the first episode. The series begins with the discovery, by the police, of a body encircled in wires. It is the body of a person who disappeared 20 years earlier during the exploration of a strange building.

The Gloaming takes all the codes of a detective series. But to spice things up, the murderers have some fantastic elements. Mixing black magic, cults and parallel/mystical worlds. Always fun to watch, you still need a certain penchant for the genre to follow the eight episodes already available for streaming on Disney + Star.

As for the characters, we find the police investigator, a little tortured by her own demons. She lives in a small town that is full of secrets and that the inhabitants are not necessarily inclined to reveal. The other characters of the series also meet the necessary stereotypes of the genre. But it works... and that's all we ask.

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For us, Europeans, the series brings a little wind of freshness since it originates from Australia. The plot takes place on the island of Tasmania, far from everything. And it is the occasion to discover a new setting...

Finally, it should be noted that the entire cast is almost unknown to us. Of course, the main role is played by Emma Booth (Once Upon a Time, Love Hunters) and the main antagonist is played by Martin Henderson (Virgin River, The Ring). For the rest, they are local stars in Australia, but have not yet broken through internationally...