The Handmaid's Tale season 4

handmaid's tale season 4

For two years, we have been waiting impatiently for the release of the new season of the Scarlet Handmaid. At the end of the month, this impatience to find our favorite heroine will be satisfied. Indeed, the season 4 should be broadcasted from April 28 on its original platform, then on OCS in France from the next day.

A fourth season, finally

The shooting of the fourth season was not easy. The third season ended in 2019 and if the new part was to be released quickly, it was slowed down because of the pandemic.

Indeed, for a good part of the year, the film industry has been at a standstill. No more shooting, scriptwriters out of work and above all no more opportunities in theaters... Enough to cool down the investors who support the films. Even the recovery has been half-hearted, with a whole process to review and obligations that must be taken into account.

One example is that you have to take into account the distance between the actors. It's not always easy to respect them and to hide this distance on the screen. You have to reimagine almost every shot. As Bruce Miller, from the series, says, the production wrote off actors because the constraints of bringing them in for a day of shooting were too great.

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What will happen?

The infos on the new season are very rare and it is difficult to see the evolution of the characters in the future episodes. But we know from the trailer that June will be in search of justice after reaching the Canadian border. Place where she wanted to find her family. And thus, inevitably, the intrigues will turn around this quest for revenge...

We can also already say that if no season 5 is planned, Hulu intends to continue its partnership with Margaret Atwood, the writer of the homonymous book. It would be a question of adapting a trilogy of the author to the screen, namely MAddAddam.

As for the distribution of Handmaid's TaleFor the moment, it remains on Hulu and on TV channels, without any partnership with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.