The journalist, a Japanese drama series

The journalist

After the release of Don't Look Up starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the Japanese series seems to drive the same nail in: that of media manipulation of the masses. Available since January 13 on Netflix, the series is increasingly successful.

The series is an adaptation of a Japanese film released in 2019, Shinbun Kisha. Unnoticed in our country, the film was a real success in its country of origin. Reason why, a series is derived from it... If it went unnoticed in our country, it is because the film looks at the intrinsic problems of Japan: crimes and political scandals. Every country knows, at one time or another, a film of this kind. And inevitably, as it denounces the corruption of the elites, it receives a good review.

Of course, the actors are Japanese and everything takes place in Japan. But the story is universal, hence its resonance with us. Anna Matsuda is a journalist, she is honest and seeks the truth. She does not hesitate to dig when a scandal breaks and to denounce the government.

The first season consists of 10 episodes. If you have already watched it, you should know that Netflix is already planning a date for the release of season 2. As for season 3, it is currently in talks...

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