The Killing, the series reappears on Amazon Prime Video

the killing

The Killing is the kind of series that recycles itself. And yes... First of all, this American series is nothing but an adaptation of a Danish series. Then, it was broadcast on AMC, before making a short stay on Netflix in 2014. Today, in 2021, it is Amazon prime Video that buys the rights and decides to offer it to its subscribers.

The series, we know it since it is just ten years old. With 44 episodes spread over 4 seasons, it takes us to Seattle, on the trail of a disappearance in strange circumstances. Of disappearance, it is rather a murder, that of the young Rosie Larsen. If part of the series focuses on the investigation as such, the secondary stories are also interesting. Thus, we look at the mourning of the family, but also, more distantly, on the consequences of this case on an election campaign.

In search of the truth...

Over the course of the seasons, the plot works to close the first investigation and then to open up others.

At its release, the series was rather well received. As well by the public as by the journalists and professional critics. This is evidenced by the numerous nominations of the actors and the series for awards.

Among the actors that we can rediscover in the series, we can mention Joel Kinnaman. We saw him in Altered Carbon, a dark and SF series, as well as in House of Cards. We can also mention Michelle Forbes with a very long career or Billy Campbell seen in the 4400 or Cardinal.

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