The Lake, a good-natured series on Amazon

The Lake

To keep up with the flood of new releases available from its competitors, Amazon also offers its Amazon Originals, in-house productions. The streaming platform has not yet developed a machine capable of supplanting the Netflix steamroller, but it is taking shape.

With this new series, Amazon Prime Video is giving us a comedy. At least, it's classified as such. However, the synopsis does not look so cheerful. So we'll have to find out what the series will offer us from this June 17.

Indeed, the story revolves around Justin. Gone abroad, he comes back home after a breakup. A sort of return to his roots. A return that will allow him to reconnect with his biological daughter with whom he has no contact since adolescence. This is what he secretly hopes for since she is in a way the only family he has left.

To recreate these bonds, he wants to take her to the family cottage, located on the edge of a lake. But there again he makes bad luck. His half-sister Maisy-May inherited the cottage in question when her father died.

Making against bad luck good heart, he will find alternatives and unblock the situation to succeed this rapprochement with his daughter Billie.

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The series, which has just been released, has not yet received any confirmation on whether it will be extended or not. From the viewer's point of view, we have the right to wonder if it is possible to extend the series on the basis of the announced storyline. But nothing is impossible for the writers, let's remember that!

We can only wait for the first reviews to evaluate the return of this series in the near future.


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