The Last Kingdom, season 5 : the opinion of the internet users

last kingdom season 5

Launched by the BBC, bought by Netflix, the series has managed to last 5 seasons. Still continuing in the historical framework instilled at the beginning and offering a nice alternative to Vikings. Indeed, we are located slightly earlier in the Middle Ages, but especially we live the Viking invasions from the point of view of Saxons.

In this fifth season, peace has finally returned and Alfred has the space and time to try to unify the Saxon kingdoms. He has a lot to do, especially as he is getting older and his legacy is approaching. An inheritance that he wishes to leave to Aethelstan... But it is not the opinion nor the desire of everyone. This creates a climate of suspicion that is conducive to the narrative of this new season.

Will the subscribers have hung on to these last episodes? Because the 10 episodes of season 5 close the series in beauty, since there will be no season 6.

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