Is the Naruto manga available on Netflix?


Naruto is the manga of the 2000's that a multitude of children and teenagers have followed. First in the form of a manga, the hero with the orange suit quickly moved to the small screen, where he was just as successful. The opportunity if it is possible to find him on Netflix and make a retro binge-watching!

What is the story?

Naruto is a young boy who dreams of being a ninja. First twist, the story is far from taking place in an ancient time. We are rather in a retrofuturistic imaginary world. Today's technologies are acquired (in part), but ninjas and samurais remain real central elements of the society, as in the Middle Ages.

As in the Middle Ages, the ninjas of each village fight against those of other villages. As a distinctive sign, they have a headband. Second twist of the story, while Naruto is only a newborn, a demon is locked in his body.

In short, the story begins with Naruto, when he is 12 years old. That said, knowing the elements that make Naruto what he is and allows to better understand the character and the relationships he has with others.

Naruto dreams of becoming a ninja, just like the friends he will make along the way

Because he has almost no relationship with other people. Indeed, the people of his village can't make the difference between Naruto, the little boy, and the demon that lives in him. However, Naruto is doing his best to pass the genin exam (1er level of the ninjas), despite having failed it already 3 times. However, he will eventually succeed and integrate a group of students under the direction of Kakashi Hatake. Thanks to this, his learning and the fights he will fight against the powerful monsters that live in the region, he will start to be appreciated by the others.

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The beginning of the story includes only few characters. Naruto, his master Kakashi, and the two other students of his group. Namely, Sakura Haruni and Sasuke Uchiwa. Little by little other protagonists come to enrich the story.

Naruto, available on Netflix?

Naruto, it is more than 250 million copies published. This makes it one of the most read manga in the world. The best-selling manga are One Piece, Golgo 13 and Dragon Ball. Needless to say that the series / cartoon is therefore very much in demand by young people, especially as it has a timeless character and is aimed at a very wide audience.
In fact, Netflix owns the broadcasting rights of the series. In the catalog, we find the nine seasons. For the biggest fans, Netflix also offers the 21 seasons of Naruto Shippuden as well as the movie "Road to Ninja, Naruto the movie" and some other movies. There is enough to dive back into the universe of his childhood and stay there for several months, the time to watch everything.