Is the Kingsman movie available on Netflix?

Kingsman available on netflix

Among the cool movies mixing action and comedy, one of the best recent franchises is Kingsman. The first film dates back to 2015 and brought the spy genre back to life by cleverly mixing a few ingredients that hit the spot!

What is the story?

Kingsman is the story of a young teenager. If we were to draw his portrait, it would almost seem like that of Harry Potter. Another young man with a unique destiny. Indeed, Eggsy, whose real name is Gary Unwin, lives a disillusioned life. At school, it's not great. Despite a promising start, he dropped out of training in the Royal Marines. At home, it's not much better. His father died when he was a baby, so he only knows his violent stepfather and his mother who has completely dropped out. Even at the level of his company, it is not the joy.

But when his father died, he received a medal with a number on the back. It is that of Harry Hart, a British spy. By a stroke of luck, Eggsy manages to join the agency as a candidate spy. He will undergo a tough training and will prove to be up to the task. It is also, for him, the opportunity to prove that he can do something with his life.

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This first film was a success. First of all because the story is universal, but also because it revives the spy genre. A neglected genre where only 007 manages to survive. What's more, the film is aimed at a rather young audience, which is not necessarily the case of a James Bond...

Besides that, we must admit that the casting is perfect!

If we do not know Taron Egerton, to whom we entrusted the first role, we know relatively well the other actors. To the directors' credit, it is not easy to find a young actor, new blood to whom it is possible to graft a role. Thus, Taron Egerton is carried by the so British presence of Colin Firth who plays his mentor. We also find Mark Strong who is used to the composition roles, Michael Caine, Mark Hamill or Samuel L Jackson in the role of the villain. What else can we ask for?

And the sequels are just as famous. The scenarios are always innovative. As well for The Golden Circle as for First Mission or the spin-off project Statesman. The cast is also excellent with names like Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Tom Hollander, Ralph Fiennes, Djimon Hounsou, Charles Dance, etc.

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Kingsman, available on Netflix?

Currently, Kingsman and its sequels are only available on Disney+. No availability at the moment on Netflix, therefore.

And the reason for this absence on Netflix and presence on Disney+ is quite simple. The film is produced by 20th Century Fox. However, this studio simply fell into the lap of Disney in 2018. It is therefore logical that the company with big ears takes the opportunity to put the entire catalog of films on its own platform. Especially since these titles have been real hits at the global box office!