The Octonauts: Mission Earth, a series for children aged 3 to 12

the octonauts

In its catalog, Netflix can offer many great films and series for children. In September, a new series will be launched, the Octonauts. The series is developed from successful children's books. And it is the CBeebies channel that is in charge of the production of the episodes, and therefore the broadcasting of the episodes on TV. Even if they have already been broadcasted in France or in Quebec.

The octonauts are nice humanized animal characters

The Octonauts are adventurers. They explore underwater environments. There are 8 of them, hence the name "Octo". So that it speaks to the little ones, they take the form of animals with human form. Cute, that's how we can qualify them. Just as they are sweet and very nice. Of course, to explore the seas, their base is underwater. This is the Octocapsule. And to visit the bottom of the sea, they use Gup, their vehicle. Although there are many Gups and they have different similarities. Sometimes it looks like a giant octopus, sometimes like a salamander, etc. Each one has a particular use, and are more or less used throughout the episodes.

In this first season which is available, the episodes are 50, with two special episodes in bonus. Enough to fill a few afternoons or rainy mornings. Hopefully the other seasons will be released soon, since there are 5 of them.

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