The Tinder scammer: the opinion of Internet users

The Tinder scammer

The new Netflix series will probably not have escaped you. It is currently making headlines with its incredible story based on a true story... that of a man who used Tinder to extort money from women. The series includes 3 episodes, online since February 9. It's not much and it won't keep you in suspense for weeks, but it's worth the detour. This is what we will discover below in the comments left by subscribers.

So yes, he got caught. No crime is perfect. Especially since Simon Leviev, the famous Tinder scammer, made a few blunders...

Tinder scammer has a lot of people jumping up and down in their seats

The series gives the floor to all those who were tricked. It must be said that he presented himself well on his profile, with many photos in jet set parties and a life that he led in style. To participate in this dream life, they did not hesitate to advance money. Of course, they never got their money back! That said, the series does not deepen the secondary characters, leaving the doubt on their precise role. Friends, accomplices, other victims? we will probably never know!

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