Is season 2 of Reina Del Flow available on Netflix?

Reina Del Flow season 2 netflix available

In the telenovela department, Netflix has some nice titles. But there is a series coming from Colombia that is making the news and that blows a new wind on the genre. It's the series La Reina Del Flow, or simply said, the queen of flow (the flow of music, of course). But if Entrevias made its entrance by the big door in June, has this South American series found its place in the catalog of the streaming platform?

What is the story?

Before launching... Think about it... We don't say it lightly, because here, we are on heavy stuff! Indeed, the first season has no less than 82 episodes. That's more than some series that have 6, 7 or 8 seasons! On top of that, there is a second one which was recently released and which counts 89 episodes!

And since each episode is 45 minutes long, you have to be sure to have enough time in your schedule!

Since its release, the series has been a huge success in Latin America and has directly won over many viewers. It must be said that the genre is more than appreciated in these countries.

But what exactly is it about?

This is the story of the young Yeiny Montoya. She is gifted with writing and composing. Gifts that she uses to help her boyfriend and first love, Carlos Cruz. He is Charly Flow, a young singer from the slums. By seducing her, he manages to steal her texts. As a result, it is he who reaps the laurels and the glory, leaving her in the shade.

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In the real shadow, because to make sure she doesn't come back, he sends her as a mule to the United States, where she gets caught... And spends 17 years behind bars... But she hasn't forgotten. She just needs to perfect her revenge. Because revenge is a dish best served cold!

Despite the many episodes, the series does not weaken, on the contrary. Behind the scenario, we feel that there is a power of writing and an ability to invent and reinvent the historical arc.

As for the actors, on our Old Continent, we don't really know them... But we are delighted to discover new talents in Carolina Ramirez and Carlos Torres

Season 2 of Reina Del Flow available on Netflix?

Yes! Jackpot, Netflix was able to get the rights to broadcast the series from the production companies. In this case, it is Caracol Television and Sony Pictures. With the series having ended since 2018, this is about giving a second life to a series that worked very well on its initial audience.

The bet of Netflix to make it a success with its subscribers is therefore quite logical. Moreover, when it was released in the catalog, the series quickly became one of the most watched titles by subscribers!