Season 4 of Black Lightning is still very popular

black lightning season 4

As it returns for a fourth season, the series seems not to be out of breath. On the contrary, it is very well received and is gaining a nice share of the ratings on Netflix. It must be said that it could have gone unnoticed, but it has finally found its audience.

We find a hero, quite different from those that Marvel can serve us. But without being focused on darkness and personal introspection as we had experienced with DareDevil or Jessica Jones. The series is decidedly lighter and is more about entertainment.

That said, it touches on many current themes such as racial problems, the integration of youth and the mistrust that can be shown to certain people. In addition to this, there are intrigues related to the zeitgeist and a family history that is also rich in twists and turns.

Black Lightning is in real life Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal. He rubs shoulders with a young population, but also mixed, often victims of prejudice. It is not easy every day. So, at night, he puts on his superhero costume and becomes the defender of his community. Without falling into caricature. A good point that we must put to the credit of the scriptwriters!

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Season 4 has been available for a little over a year month and we can hope for a good surprise from Netflix, even if no announcement has been made yet. Especially since we know the policy of Netflix not to renew the series too many times ... However, the audience figures speak in his favor.