Is the Alien Theory series available on Netflix?

Alien Theory available on netflix

Who has never thought that there was another form of life? That aliens existed? On distant planets, of course, but why not on our own Earth? And even, why wouldn't they be the basis of our civilization? These are the tracks explored by Alien Theory via Erich von Däniken who presents himself as a scientist.

What is the story?

Alien Theroy is a series whose origins go back to 2004, when a first pilot was made. But the real series starts only in 2010. It is still active. Seasons continue to be released, but the number of episodes per season is very disparate ...

Still, the series is mainly based on the character of Erich von Däniken. He is Swiss and presents himself as a scientist. However, it should be noted that the scientific community does not give him much credit.

For his theories are based on a controversial practice, as is the theory that stems from them.

His theory is that of the ancient astronauts. For us millennials, the ancient astronauts are Armstrong, and the others. But the astronauts he is talking about are those of extraterrestrial civilizations. These would have mastered interstellar travel and would have made contact with our ancestors. More or less recent ancestors. In some cases, their "arrival" occurs during the missing link with the ape. At other times, they would have intervened to teach us mathematics, astrology, etc. until showing us how to create technological devices (like the nuclear bomb). There would thus be a constant interventionism on behalf of entities... Everyone will believe what he wants.

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To justify / prove his theory, man devotes himself to astroarcheology... In other words, to look for traces of extraterrestrial contacts in the remains of the past. The practice is very controversial, even totally decried. Because it is easy to want to interpret certain drawings as irrefutable proof. However, one cannot give things a meaning that they do not necessarily have. Once again, everyone will believe what they want.

And in any case, isn't there perhaps some truth in this?

Still, the series is quite successful and proposes interpretations for many things. It is true that some things are unexplainable for the moment and Alien Theory gives them a meaning. Maybe the future will prove these theories wrong, but maybe not.

The spectator can therefore get ready to take a trip around the world, in search of evidence of a past where humans were not alone on Earth!

Alien Theory, available on Netflix?

This series about the ancient astronaut theory is not available on Netflix. The program is produced by Prometheus Entertainement (no connection with Alien) and broadcast directly on the History Channel. Since the creation of the series, no episode could be added to the Netflix catalog. As the series is still ongoing, it is unlikely that recent episodes will be added to the catalog of a streaming platform.

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However, we should not despair!