Is the Game of Throne series available on Netflix?

Game of Thrones Netflix

A cult series that has kept millions of fans on the edge of their seats, Game of Thrones ended several months ago. If no sequel will be given, we still like to go back to the first episodes where Sean Bean was still alive and many characters had not yet appeared (Sam Tarly, for example). Is this possible on Netflix, or which platform to use to dive back into the universe where winter was coming?

The phenomenon saga

Adapted from a novel written by George R. R. Martin, as Intimidation by Harlan Coben, the story takes place in medieval times. The universe is totally invented, but has its roots in reality. A bit like the universe of Tolkien. Thus, Westeros, where most of the action takes place, resembles Great Britain, a wall (like Hadrian's) separates the North and the South, etc. In the south, there are various kingdoms more or less at peace, but each ruler dreams of sitting on the Iron Throne and thus of being the king of kings.

These are opposed by two threats. In the north, the Night King leads a growing army that advances as winter arrives. Only a huge wall, held by the Night's Watch, prevents him from penetrating the fertile lands of the south and sowing desolation and death. This is where we find one of the most popular actors of the series Kit Harrington.

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Much further south, across the sea, on another continent, a deposed Targaryen prince dreams of regaining the throne. If he quickly fizzles out, it is his sister, Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) who takes over. She will quickly become a main character thanks to the 3 dragons she owns and with which she intends to recover the throne of her grandfather, usurped.

Of usurpation, it is question throughout the 8 seasons. For each character asserts an ancestry, a title to try to climb on the throne. Only the last of the 73 episodes gives the answer to this ultimate question: who will ascend the Iron Throne?

Westeros is the object of all covetousness. From the White Walkers in the north to Daenerys Targaryen's rebels in the south.

Is Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no. Game of Thrones is not listed in the catalog of the famous SVOD platform. HBO, which owns the TV rights, has not negotiated with Netflix to pass on the broadcast rights. Nor is it possible to find them on Amazon Prime Video and others.

Given the popularity of the series, it is also likely that the rights are also very high. These depend on the flow of viewers they are able to attract. For Netflix, this translates into an ability to get a large number of subscriptions on the platform. A calculation that may not be financially advantageous at the moment. One can always imagine that in a few years this will prove to be more interesting.

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For fans of the saga, they will also have to wait for the release of the spin-off series: House of the Dragon.


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