Is the Grey's Anatomy series available on Netflix?

Grey's Anatomy

March 2005, Grey's Anatomy is on television for the first time. We are far from suspecting, the creator Shonda Rhimes in the first place, that the series would become such a blockbuster and that it would last 17 seasons with spin-offs. And yet.... Did Netflix finally get its hands on the series to offer it to its subscribers?

What is the story?

If we talk about anatomy, it is not because we are going to cook... The show is a medical series, in the same vein as ER or Doctor House. Unlike this last series, Grey's Anatomy does not approach the medical theme from a purely scientific point of view. The goal is not to lose the viewer with obscure diseases. But rather to hook the viewer with the interactions between the doctors, the interns. In short, everything that happens in a hospital when a team is not in an operating room.

So, sure, there are some scenes that are filmed in hospital rooms, operating rooms or other hospital areas. Just as we see patients with diseases. But the show focuses on the human. What Meredith feels from her first day of residency. Her feelings with Dr. Derek Shepherd. And her friendship with the other interns, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev.

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The series is a clever mix of Friends, ER and the other successful series that preceded it!

Of course, there are always misunderstandings and these can grow or fade over the episodes. It is one of them that will allow the writers to launch a first spin-off: Private Practice. This was via the departure of Kate Walsh at the end of season 3. A series that will chain 6 seasons. The other spin-off of the series is Station 19, which imitates somewhat what happens with Chicago Fire since the series takes place in the fire station 19 in Seattle.

Grey's Anatomy is a mythical series of this beginning of the century

Grey's Anatomy, available on Netflix?

Alas, thrice alas, no the hit series Grey's Anatomy is not on Netflix. Indeed, the most popular streaming platform in the world does not have the broadcasting rights for the series in France. Because yes, Grey's Anatomy is on Netflix, but not in our geographical area.

No info or date has been given as to the upcoming or potential arrival of the ABC Studios series in the catalog. This is strange since Netflix has already negotiated for other countries these same rights. This is probably an inability related to the fact that the rights are held by another platform ...

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Indeed, for the die-hard Dr. Grey and Dr. Mamours fans, the series can be watched on competing platforms. Namely, Prime Video and Disney+. Otherwise, you can always catch up with New Amsterdam on Netflix.