Is the series Intimidation (The Stranger) available on Netflix?

The stranger intimidation Netflix

The Stranger is a series adapted from a book by Harlan Coben. So it's not an original story, but rather a film adaptation. Many successful novels (like Harry Potter) or authors (Lévy, etc.) have had this honor, but not all have had the same success. As for Intimidation, it must be admitted that it is easy to binge-watch as the suspense is there. It remains to be seen where to binge-watch it. On Netflix for example.

The background of Intimidation

As in any good thriller, in books or on screen, we have characters with a dream life who see their world threatened. This is the case here for Adam Price. A good job, two sons, a perfect marriage. Well... Perfect until the day when a mysterious person decides to reveal a secret about his wife. Who will very quickly disappear. Then, everything will follow for the worst until a paroxysm. One suspects that it arrives only at the very end of the season to give all the explanations that were missing!

For those who know Harlan Coben and his works, he manages to recreate the setting he sets in his books. And this gives even more substance to the story.

In the cast, we find some well-known faces like Richard Armitage who plays the main role. We could meet him in The Hobbit, Robin Hood, MI-5, etc.. Siobhan Finneran who held a role in Downton Abbey and Jennifer Saunders seen in Absolutely Fabulous second.

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Finally, it should be noted that the strings pulled by the scriptwriters are still as effective, even if they are too big to go unnoticed. We have the children who multiply the stupidities because of the inattention of the parents, a focus on the private life of the detective who ends up being involved in the story, etc. In Harlan Coben as in Mary Higgins Clark, reality is sometimes simplified to fit the narrative... But it works!

Harlan Coben begins a successful collaboration with Netflix

Is Bullying available on Netflix?

Exactly. The 8-episode series is available on Netflix for all subscribers. It is even a Netflix Original. So you won't be able to find it anywhere else on any other SVOD platform.

For the moment, there is only one season of 8 episodes. Each episode adopts a 40 to 42 minute format that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat with careful attention to effect.

As for a season 2Harlan Coben, author of the book and the scenario of the series answered to Melty that nothing is to be excluded. The end of season 1 raises the veil on many questions and reveals the motivations of this famous "Stranger. Of course, a second season is quite possible to answer some secondary questions, but it is still necessary that an original idea can guide it. For his part, Harlan Coben prefers to focus on a new Netflix series adapted from his novel The Woods. A collaboration with the platform that looks decidedly fruitful.


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