Is the series Malcolm available on Netflix?

malcolm series netflix

Malcolm is a series that has marked all the young people who were old enough to watch series for teenagers in the 2000s. In a short time, it became a real phenomenon, just like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Friends did at that time.

What is the story?

Malcolm is a series that lasted 7 years with 151 episodes. All produced and broadcasted at the origin on the Fox channel. Short, they allowed to relax on 20 minutes and to follow the adventures of young Malcolm.

Malcolm is an 11 year old boy at the beginning of the series. His daily life is "normal" for a teenager in a series. In other words, his family is quite dysfunctional. That's what makes it fun and interesting. His mom (who appears in This is US) is hysterical and slightly bossy. While her father is still a big kid and has no sense of responsibility. This situation is explained towards the end of the series, when it is revealed that the father can no longer make decisions following an accident.

In the middle, there is the siblings of 4 children, including Malcolm and his 3 brothers Francis, Dewey and Reese.

Disney+ acquired Fox and its entire catalog, including theMalcolm series, a few years ago.

Like all boys of his age, Malcolm is prone to mischief. Often without consequence, but always funny. As well at home as at home. He is not the only one to do it, his brothers are also well placed. Moreover, the eldest (Francis) will be sent to a military school to solve his problem with authority. He appears mainly in the continuation of the series via phone calls to his family.

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Reese is the opposite of Malcolm and therefore the one with whom the greatest antagonism is offered. He is violent, stupid and mean to his brothers while being a bad student. Malcolm, on the other hand, is in a class for high potential students. Finally, Dewey is the dreamer of the family, rather lonely. Later, the family welcomes a youngest child, Jamie, who turns out to be a master manipulator.

The series Malcolm, available on Netflix?

No, the series Malcolm is not available on Netflix. It seems that Netflix and Fox have not found common ground regarding the broadcasting rights in France. So we are not ready to see the little genius land on the streaming platform. Impossible to console ourselves with the catalogs of other platforms, because the series is also unavailable there.

We could have hoped for an appearance on Disney+, since the company had bought Fox a few years ago.

In fact, the series could very well arrive in the catalog, but it is not yet the case!