Is the Moon Knight series available on Netflix?

moon knight available netflix

Enter the Black Widow, Hawkeye and more recently Miss MarvelMoon Knight is one of those secondary Marvel heroes who has benefited from a nice spotlight recently. Indeed, the hero got his mini-series produced and broadcast in 2022. The fans have welcomed the series with joy.

What is the story?

Moon Knight is not the kind of hero like any other.

In fact, if you look at it, the Moon Warrior is more of a Marvel universe villain. But why does he deserve to have a series? Simply because he has a long history in the comics, which gives material to the writers to create a series for him. And then, it is not because we are born villains in the imagination of the comics that we must necessarily remain so. Just look at what happened to Hawkeye, the Black Widow and others in the Avengers.

Sometimes, it is enough to put the light on the character to understand his actions. In the end, we discover him, we understand how he works and we end up liking him, and sometimes even identifying with him.

And this is the case for Moon Knight. Because in real life, Moon Knight is the kind of guy who is quite harmless. His name is Steven Grant and his job is quite ordinary. Indeed, he works in a souvenir store in a London museum. In other words, he doesn't have the profile of a superhero.

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In fact, he is not even one! On the other hand, he has memory lapses, he forgets what he did during a whole evening or doesn't know why he gets up in such a state.

It's simple. He suffers from dissociative personality disorder. He actually shares his body with a certain Marc Spector. Marc is quite different, he is a mercenary.

One day, Mark's enemies come to visit Steven and that's where they will have to collaborate. Two men in the same body and moreover with a secret identity! There is a lot to do!

For the mini-series, the producers have chosen to trust Oscar Isaac to play the hero. Let's face it, the man has an impressive filmography: Star Wars (Poe Dameron), Dune, Spider-Man New Generation, X-Men. We don't even have to dig deeper! Plus, he has the advantage of having Latino origins, which Marvel appreciates in its quest to create heroes of diverse origins.

To ensure the success of the mini-series, Ethan Hawke joined the cast. Just like our late Gaspard Ulliel. The casting is convincing!

The Moon Knight series, available on Netflix?

Moon Knight is part of the universe Myrvel. Therefore, this series released in 2022 will never arrive on Netflix. It is the exclusive property of Disney. The series is therefore only visible on the Disney+ platform.

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That said, never say never. Maybe one day another streaming platform will negotiate the rights to broadcast it and thus get the opportunity to add Moon Knight to its catalog. But in the meantime, we'll have to make do with watching it on Mickey's platform.