Is the Ozark series available on Netflix?

ozark available netflix

When you've finished watching all the seasons of Breaking Bad and you've gobbled up the seasons of Narcos, you think you have no purpose in life... And yet! There are other very nice drama series that deal with the world of drugs. Ozark is a very good example!

What is the story?

Ozark is a series that revolves around the person of Martin Byrde, aka Marty. His career choice could have been better. In real life, he calls himself a financial advisor. Actually, that's just a fancy term for laundering money for the Mexican mafia.

Although the job is not as risky as that of a cook or a dealer, it is no less dangerous. He learns this at his own expense when one of the transactions does not go as planned. He is more or less cornered and doesn't have many options to stay alive.

So he offered to take on an even bigger project in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The proposal was accepted by his bosses and a new life began for him. For him... and his family, because he has a wife and children.

It's hard for them to understand why they suddenly have to move from their Chicago suburb to a "backwater." In this case, Osage Beach, Missouri. But the grass isn't any greener anywhere else, and the competition is tough anyway.

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The series offers quite a few leads and side stories to explore. Between the husband and wife, and then the children, there is always something to fill the storyline.

What is appreciable is that the format chosen is that of one-hour episodes. Large episodes, like for Game of Thrones, which really allow to deepen the characters and the story without cutting too much into the scenario.

A scenario that is itself served with very good actors. Clearly, the locomotive here is Jason Bateman. We know him for his ability to play characters with a loser side, a little failed and who let themselves be carried by events. To counterbalance this type of character, he is married to Julia Garner, who was recently seen in Inventing Anna. She has a stronger character!

The choice is a winning one as the series has received several nominations over the seasons!

The Ozark series, available on Netflix?

To the delight of fans of the genre, yes the Ozark series is available on Netflix. All 4 seasons of it! In total, that's 44 episodes to watch with peace of mind. And it will offer a nice alternative to other series of the genre that we have already seen.

On the other hand, this is an exclusive broadcast right that the production companies Zero Gravity Management and Media Rights Capital have signed with Netflix. Netflix is the official broadcaster, the one and only. It will not be possible to watch the Ozark series on competing platforms such as Hulu.