Is The Handmaid's Tale available on Netflix?

Handmaids tale scarlet maid Netflix

The Scarlet Handmaiden was born out of a request from the Hulu platform. Then little known, in 2016, it needed a series to launch it. Just like Netflix and Prime Video did before it with series like The Man in the High Castle, The Expanse, Orange is the New Black, etc. De facto, its viewing is also limited since it involves drawing viewers to Hulu. But since the platform is not available everywhere, did it have the idea to cede some broadcasting rights to Netflix? That's what we'll find out.

A thrilling and scary universe

The series is adapted from a novel, as often (Harry Potter, Game of Thronesetc.). It is based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, and the series is successfully transposed to the screen. It is not always the case, either!

The writer has created a dystopian and frightening setting. Even though the book dates from 1985, the problems it raises are still very current. It talks about environmental pollution, diseases, proselytizing and fundamentalism. All this still speaks to us very well and does not seem outdated for a penny...

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In this universe, women have lost all their rights and obviously the series will follow one of them through all her difficulties.

Plunged into a fundamentalist dictatorship, the struggle of women is far from over.

Synopsis of The Scarlet Handmaid

As we said, we find ourselves in a dystopian world. The action takes place in the United States against a background of birth problems. A coup d'état took place and a sect of religious fanatics took the power. We can also feel some Nazi or KKK hints, it depends. In any case, we have a lot of references to ethnic cleansing, undesirable populations, etc.

The number one objective is to create a strong patriarchy and to have children at all costs since births have become extremely rare. And this, even if it means sexually enslaving a good part of the female population. It is in this role that we find the heroine, separated from her family and at the service of a leader...

What is the availability on Netflix for The Handmaid's Tale?

The Handmaid's Tale: The Scarlet Handmaid is currently not available on the SVOD platform Netflix. Unfortunately for us, we should say, because the series, which plunges us into a dystopian universe, is hailed by fans all over the world.

It is not impossible that it will end up in the catalog of the giant if he decided to negotiate broadcasting rights with its competitor Hulu. Indeed, since the beginning of the series, it is Hulu that broadcasts the series and relays the production of MGM.

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Can we see it elsewhere?

For those who have access to Hulu, it is quite possible to see it via this platform. Note that in France, the series was broadcast via regular channels. As far as she is concerned, it was on TF1 Séries Films.

It is also possible to see it via Amazon Prime Video and Salto, but only in certain regions like Quebec, etc.


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