Is the series Under the Dome available on Netflix?

Under the dome available

Released in 2015, the series Under The Dome has already had several lives, between airing on various TV channels, its DVD releases and its VOD offering. It features a small town cut off from the world. In a vacuum, its inhabitants reveal their personalities, sometimes authoritarian, sometimes ill-intentioned. Today, is it still available on Netflix? This is what we will discover.

What is the story?

Under The Dome, understand "under the dome", is a 2015 thriller series. It spans 3 seasons with 39 episodes in total. It managed to make a mark and attract an audience with its bloody teaser. It showed a cow being cut in half lengthwise!

The action takes place in the small town of Chester's Mill, in the Northeast of the United States. It is a peaceful, country life, until the day when a transparent dome falls on the town and prevents its inhabitants from entering or leaving. A forced isolation that will put nerves on edge, reveal well-kept secrets and the personalities of everyone.

In the casting, we find Mike Vogel in the role of Dale Barbara, a former military. He has played a lot of small roles in movies (Rumor Has It, Cloverfield, Sex List, etc.). He poses as a leader and the role suits him perfectly.

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To support him, young wolves of the cinema as Colin Ford, with a very full filmography for his young age, and Alexander Koch that we enjoyed seeing in Lucifer. And old hands like Dean Norris (Hank in Breaking Bad) who offers characters with a lot of depth.

Under The Dome, or the story of a city trapped under a dome

Under the Dome, available on Netflix?

Alas no, the series is currently not offered by the video-on-demand service in early 2021.

For all that, the series has already been in the Netflix catalog. For that, you have to go back to 2019. The 3-season series had just ended at that time and Netflix had seen fit to buy back the rights in the process to allow people to watch their favorite episodes or finish the series for those who had not yet done so.

However, the series is out of the catalog in December 2019 along with many other series.

Can we enjoy the series Under The Dome on another platform?

In January 2021, it is currently not possible to find another platform that broadcasts episodes of the series Under The Dome.

The rights of the series belong to the American channel CBS. The latter also has its own streaming platform in the United States; a platform where you can find all the series they have produced. To create its own audience and avoid competition with other SVOD, CBS has chosen to keep the rights of Under The Dome and offer them on its CBS All Access. They appear there in English only.