Is the Westworld series available on Netflix?


Westworld is a series that has had three seasons and 28 episodes. Rarely for a series, we meet very famous actors who rarely (if ever) shoot series. Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins are two examples. If the series has marked, it is thanks to the channel that produces it: HBO!

What is the story?

Westworld is the name of a futuristic theme park. Contrary to those we know today, there are not only simple attractions. We recreate a whole universe, like the American West of the 19th century!

Inside the park, there are also androids. Devoid of any will, they welcome the public and are reset at the end of each loop. They are called "hosts". Conversely, the "guests" are the visitors of Westworld, who can, roughly speaking, do whatever they want. But as always, a twist makes things unexpected... In this case, it's computer bugs in an update that change the behavior of the androids!

HBO doesn't do things by halves when it comes to producing original series

The cast is rather plethoric and big names were announced very early in the creation of the series. Anthony Hopkins has directly received a role. Ditto for Evan Rachel Woods who plays one of the heroines, Dolores Abernathy.

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But there is Ed Harris too, who has a cowboy face, perfect for the job. Luke Hemsworth, the brother of the famous Thor, and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) also joined the cast. Even Vincent Cassel makes an appearance.

To have so many famous actors in a series, planned for the small screen, it is not every day. And the main reason for this gathering of talent is thanks to HBO. The American pay channel is used to creating pharaonic series. Thus, they are also the ones behind the series Game of Thrones. Multiplying the actors, the scenery, the size, all this does not scare them! And the budget of 100 million for the first season does not scare them either!

Westworld, available on Netflix?

No, Westworld is not available on Netflix.
In fact, the series is not available on any streaming platform for the general public.

The content of the series belongs to HBO and it is well known that the channel favors its own site to share its productions. Thus, we will not find either Daenerys Targaryen and its dragons on a streaming platform other than HBO. The same is true for Westworld. This is a policy of the American channel to maximize the revenue generated by its productions through paid subscriptions to its platform. That said, it did not prevent Westworld from becoming the third most downloaded series, just after Game of Thrones and Walking Dead!